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Devil On Rollerskates

Top Ten Matthew Good/band Songs

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What are everyone's ten favourite Matt Good songs? Make a list that goes in order from least favourite to most favourite. You have to choose just ten and there can be no ties.


My list:

10. Prime Time Deliverance

9. We're So Heavy

8. Apparitions

7. Suburbia

6. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

5. The Rat Who Would Be King

4. Advertising On Police Cars

3. Born To Kill

2. Blue Skies Over Badlands

1. Avalanche

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Wow this will be hard to do


10. Stangest One Of All

9. Hello Time Bomb

8. Lullaby For The New World Order

7. Symbolistic White Walls

6. In Love With A Bad Idea

5. Fated

4. Giant

3. Advertising On Police Cars

2. Weapon

1. Born To Kill


I really wonder how many times I'll edit this thinking, "I can't believe I forgot that one"

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This is tough


10. Jenni's Song

9. Suburbia

8. Everything is Automatic

7. The Future is X-Rated

6. Anti-Pop

5. Avalanche

4. A Boy and His Machine Gun

3. Prime Time Deliverance

2. Weapon

1. Load Me Up


If I were to post again next week it would probably be totally different.

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1. can't get shot in the back if you don't run

2. running for home

3. the fall of man

4. everything is automatic

5. giant

6. 21st century living

7. put out your lights

8. the workers sing a song of mass production

9. in love with a bad idea

10. the future is x-rated

its really hard to rate them.....this order probably changes all the time...

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tough to put in order:


1. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

2. Fearless

3. Vermillion

4. She's Got a New Disguise

5. A Long Way Down

6. Symbolistic White Walls

7. Advertising on Police Cars

8. Annabelle

9. The Ocean

10. Fated

ya!! someone who appreciates the LOTGA album!

Shes Got a New Disguise ROCKS!

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in no order:


1. The Inescapable Us

2. Primetime Deliverance

3. Empty Road

4. She's Got A New Disguise

5. Blue Skies....

6. Advertising On Police Cars

7. I Miss New Wave

8. Running For Home

9. The Ocean

10. (probably) Long Way Down




that last one was a tough call


maybe Fated


ugh god why am i getting so worked up about this?

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Hello Time Bomb

Blue skies over bad lands

Symbolistic White Walls



The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

Failing the Rorschach test

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts

Flight Recorder From Viking 7



That was hard enough to make it 10. not gonna work myself up to put them in order. And i'm sure that on any given day the list changes but for the moment that seems alright.

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1. Empty Road

2. Born To Kill

3. Everything Is Automatic

4. Confrtable Criminals

5. Ray Gun

6. Comfortable Criminals

7. Under the infulance

8. Apparicians

9. Long Way Down

10. 21st Centery Living

Edited by Bladeso
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omg fantasticsteve lol "picking favorite songs is like choosing which of your children you like the least..." thats gold.. but yeh


10. My life as a Circus Clown (surprised no one chose it)

9. Raygun

8. Advertising on Police Cars

7. Under the Influence

6. Song for the Girl

5. While we were hunting rabbits

4. Tripoli

3. Fearless

2. The War is Over

1. Dancing Invisible

that really was hard...

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