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Crap I missed!

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One day a nun (nmed Sister Mary) and a Priest (Father Nick) decided to take break from there religous duties and go golfing.


Father Nick tees off and watches as the golf ball goes into the drink

"Crap!" He yells "I missed"

Now Sister Mary glared at Father Nick and waving her ruler around threatening says "Now Father no cursing."

Father Nick being a pansy nods and says "Fine fine I won't."


So anyway they come up to the next hole and tees off. The ball flies for a good distance...and falls in the bushes.

"Crap." He yells again "I missed"

Sister Mary tut tuts and says "Remeber what I said."

Father nick rolling his eyes saying "I know...I know no swearing."

Maty catching the glare turns crinsom and says "Now Father swear again and god will smite you!"


So anyways they come up to the third hole and Fther tees off and the water returns to the drink

"Crap!" He yells at the top of his lounges. "I missed."

Mary gives the priest a venomous glare yet before she can say a word she is hit by a bolt of lightning.

A heavenly voice booms through the golf courses moments laters saying

<b> CRAP I MISSED </b>

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oh i bet it did ;)

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And not very funny at all

The joke however was sheer comic gold.


better than my latest.



What's red and tastes like paint?

Red paint.

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