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Info About Matts New Album?

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Well At least if Matt does a more country style album, itll be WAY better than the country out there now. But he got heavier after Avalanche, so its hard to say what he will do. regarding the recording in a hotel room, I think that it was a joke, although it would be funny to hear.

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The hotel room thing wasn't a joke. However, that album (if it ever happens) will be a compilation of many artists who go to different parts of the world and write and record songs in the city that they're in. Melissa Auf Der Maur is apparently one of the people he wants on there.


He also said he wants to go to Nashville and record an alt-country album there.


I've heard nothing of this Jerusalem business, I'm assuming you people are confused by Matt recommending Jersualem by Steve Earle (which is a great record).


Hopefully he'll take a few years off.

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in last month's chart magazine, matt says that he wants to do a hotel room record in which he would travel to 12 different hotel rooms in 12 different countries and write and record a song in each city. that would be half the record and the other half would be recorded in jerusalem in 12 days. he did refer to steve earle though, saying that he would want him on the record so maybe thats what you're thinking about. he said he would call the record 12 cities/gates of jerusalem.

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I have heard all of those rumors but I heard/read him say in an interview about wanting to do a more country-style album. I heard something about the acoustic thing too but I can't remember where that was.

I hope he doesnt do a more country-style album for the next one...

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Country is fine by me, if done right.

here here.


there is vast stylistic diversity to be had in country music (as in all musical forms).


the inference that the audience for country music is comprised only of bigoted folk is also a tad asinine.


however his creations/art/self emerge, so be it. he has obviously been dabbling with and delving into new styles of musical expression and it's such a refreshing indicator that he's thriving creatively as an artist and as a human being and it's so humbling and inspiring on personal and even universal levels.


unless he started producing obviously half-assed material (somehow i can't see him doing this, but hey - never say never), i don't think i could ever lose much respect for his genuine talent and humanness.


edit: up to the artist which medium they use. artist, being human, is not immutable; nor are members of audience. we're always evolving/adapting/regressing. so many possibilities.



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