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Joan Of Arcadia

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Ok, I did a search and nothing came up for this show so hopefully its not a repeat.


Does anyone watch this? I started watching it towards the end of last year and I got hooked. Surprisingly because when I first heard about it I kind of rolled my eyes. Last weeks episode was absolutely amazing. I literally sobbed during it as it was so sad and the acting was unbelievable.

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I'm glad I'm not the only sap then!! ;)

yeah i guess that is true...


i missed the last episode...judith died? how?....i would have balled my eyes out on the episode...oh crap i'm missing the next episode too...grrr...i hate that the show is on Friday.

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she was going to get some drugs or something in an lley, and they dealer decided to rip them off. he stabbed her a bunch and the guys she was with just ran away. she went to the hospital, lived for a bit, then died.

on that same day, joan and the guy (i can't remember his name) went on a date which was super cute, the younger brother (i can't remember anyones name) went to an activist meeting thing looking for joans leather-clad friend instead of going to this movie thing. but the girl went to the movie thing and he later went there and met up with her. that was cute too.

it was a good episode. i watch it with my dad so i try not to cry haha.

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i know!

i was so happy! i loved joans face haha.

i didn't almost cry this time. the last scene was sad though. i hate how kevin lost the use of his legs... i loved the episode where he started workign to get his legs to work again and how only him and luke know.. awesome.

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