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Devil On Rollerskates

Mixed Up Matt Good Songs

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I decided to make phrases out of words from the titles of Matt Good songs.


Born To Bomb Police Cars-A combintion of Advertising On Police Cars, Born To Kill and Hello Time Bomb (or Radio Bomb).


The X-Rated Ghetto Astronauts Get It On-A combination of Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts, The Future Is X-Rated and Let's Get It On.


Weapon Of Mass Destruction-Weapon, The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production and Waiting For The Great Destruction


Jenni And Heather's Girl On Girl Action-Jenni's Song, Heather's Like Sunday, Song For The Girl, A Boy And His Machine Gun, Let's Get it On and Man Of Action


Here's some for you to figure out:


The Inescapable Invasion Of The Giant Indestructible Circus Pigs


Joe's Hunting North American Birds In Alabama


Strange Rabbits Sing A New Wave Song While Under The Influence


I'm weird, I know. And bored.

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ummm, lol, I remember someone posting these back when Mg.net actually had a board. That could have only been you.. noone else could possibly waste their time with this.

lol.. someone's got his panties in a knot..

not to sound rude.. but is there ever a post where youre not insulting people or complaining?


i.e. "you guys arent true matt good fans because you dont love every last one of his songs"


unless of course you're just goofing around.. then by all means.. no harm intended.

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