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Matt And Ebay

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i just received a sealed copy of loser anthems, an advance promo of wlrrr and some avalanche, wlrrr and aob sitckers in the mail! huzzah!


got them off ebay a couple weeks back. first time dealing with ebay.


still haven't seen lo-fi b-sides up for auction recently.. most of the other mg/b stuff on ebay is just regular cds that are widely available anywhere. does anything really cool ever show up? like rare shirts and such

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It's definitely worth much more than $200.

You know what would be really cool, is if all 5000 ocpies had a tracking device on it, so we could see where the copies are.

I know there are some copies sitting in a used record store somewhere, and that is a crying shame!

And I would bet there is probably 1-2 copies that have gone unwanted and thrown out. Which is even worse!!! ;) Poor Lo-Fi CDS.

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lo-fi would be nice to own. maybe one day when i get some money to throw around...


PS: which is the correct way to spell disc or disk? they both look right, and spell check isn't being helpful.

disk would be for floppy disks (5¼", 3½", etc.)

disc would be for cd's, dvd's, etc. (compact disc)

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