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Matthew Good Band Elimination

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5th Place Matchup Results

Giant 21 vs While We Were Hunting Rabbits 10

5TH PLACE = Giant

6TH PLACE = While We Were Hunting Rabbits

7TH PLACE = Advertising on Police Cars

8TH PLACE = Avalanche

9TH PLACE = Suburbia

10TH PLACE = Running For Home

11TH PLACE = Failing The Rorschach Test

12TH PLACE = My Out of Style is Coming Back





1) Rank #1 vs #4

2) Rank #2 vs Rank #3

1) Apparitions (85-16 -- Ranked #1) vs Prime Time Deliverance (62-33 -- Ranked #4)

---"Apparitions" results:

Round 1: The War is Over 19-1

Round 2: Jenni's Song 17-2

Round 3: Alert Status Red 26-4

Round 4: Avalanche 23-9

Round 5: Received 1 First Vote and 4 Second Votes For 5.5 Vote Off Points -- 2nd Place

---"Prime Time Deliverance" results:

Round 1: In Love With a Bad Idea 16-4

Round 2: Lullaby For The New World Order 17-5

Round 3: Sort of a Protest Song 13-11

Round 4: Advertising on Police Cars 16-13

Round 5: Received 3 First Votes and 6 SEcond Votes For 10.5 Vote Off Points -- 4th Place


---Because Apparitions placed higher in the vote off round, it receives a free point. Therefore, the current score is Apparitions 1 Prime Time Deliverance 0.


My Pick: I LOVE Prime Time Deliverance.. but I have to go with Apparitions. It is just too much of a powerhouse to lose!

Prediction: This could go either way actually.. I wouldnt be shocked if PTD takes the win. But since Apparitions did destroy Avalanche.. I'm thinking it can hold off PTD.



1) Weapon (80-22 -- Ranked #2) vs Strange Days (77-28 -- Ranked #3)

---"Weapon" results:

Round 1: Middle Class Gangsters 17-4

Round 2: I, The Throw Away 19-3

Round 3: Tripoli 19-11

Round 4: My Out of Style is Coming Back 25-4

Round 5: Received 2 First Votes and 0 Second Votes For 3 Vote Off Points -- 1st Place

---"Strange Days" results:

Round 1: Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 22-1

Round 2: Flashdance II 16-3

Round 3: The Future is X-Rated 19-12

Round 4: Suburbia 20-12

Round 5: Received 5 First Votes and 2 SEcond Votes For 9.5 Vote Off Points -- 3rd Place


---Because Weapon placed higher in the vote off round, it receives a free point. Therefore, the current score is Weapon 1 Strange Days 0.


My Pick: This is an easy easy choice for me. Weapon by far is superior!

Prediction: This is another matchup that could go either way. The battle of track #3! I'm thinking though that Strange Days might pull off the victory because people like its video. *although it's based on song! lol*


Happy voting!!

Bawed on the results of these matches.. one of the following 4 matches will make up the CHAMPIONSHIP FINALSS!!!

[A] Apparitions and Weapon

Apparitions and Strange Days

[C] Prime Time Deliverance and Weapon

[D] Prime Time Deliverance and Strange Days!

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