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Rare Mg/b Songs

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I understand that (and correct me if I'm wrong) there's absolutely nothing illegal about the trade of songs that are not under copyright. Anyways, if people could send me some of the ones I list below, that'd be nice, I'd be willing to pay NF$ if you'd like, name a reasonable price I suppose.


All Together

Pony Boy

The War Is Over

Dancing Invisible

Joe's In Trouble

The Bombmaker

Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts

Blue Bird

Second Sun


If Bird's Don't Fly Straight

Coming Out In Purple

The Last Poem's Poet

Saturday The 12th

You Are Here

Folk Singer


Requiem For Rosemary


South Of Summer

Break In The Rhythm

Waiting For The Great Destruction

Go Fly Blind

As Long As You're Mine

William Sits In Avalon

The Jangolier

Full Moon In Pisces

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