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The other day, I was saying to someone "If I owned the internet, I'd outlaw porn." refferring to how I was happy a porn company has not bought www.matthewgoodband.com. Out of the blue he replied with something along the lines of I agree with you, but the current government does not (refferring to the Federal "Liberals"). I disagreed with that because I feel that the "Liberals" do not want to allow porn, it is simply they wish to remain within the law with what they do. Truthfully, I do not like how the "Conservatives" wish to go outside the law to complete some of their agenda, because if they are willing to go there, how much further will they be willing to take this?

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It's true that the Liberals don't really have an agenda except Do What The Law Says. Remember the whole gay marriage thing during the election campaign? Martin avoided answering that question like the plague, and just said We'll comply with what the Supreme Court says.


And I don't think you'll ever see a ban on porn, just because there are those out there who will argue the artistic merit of it to the death. Also, people will argue that it's their right to choose what they do for entertainment purposes. I think at most, you'll see some tighter restrictions on porn so its not available to kids, but that's about it.


Also, I don't think a porn site could buy www.matthewgoodband.com just because I think there's some kind of law that says the artist has the right to that domain name. It all started when people were buying domain names of companies, artists, and other money making ventures simply so they could make a profit by selling the rights to that domain name back to party who's name it is.

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