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The CFL is far more superior than the NFL. Having 3 downs instead of 4 forces more passing plays.. and really, thats what makes it exciting.

OK yes there is more passing...but I personally like to see drives, not 45 punts in a game with the occasional score.


And the CFL needs to get rid of the single point rule on field goals...you shouldn't get points for screwing up.


Also, even though its no fault of the CFL, the talent pool in the NFL is far more exciting to watch.

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I agree for the most part.


The single point rule is pretty weak.


The NFL talent pool is directly related to the fact the NFL can afford to pay players more. So once someone becomes good in the CFL, the NFL can pick the player up at a higher pay. I've heard people say the CFL is the NFL's training grounds, and it's pretty true.


But the drives I find boring. With 4 downs, you pretty much get 3 tries to move the ball about 3 yards up, so often enough you get plays for short gains.


Of course, its all about prefernce as to what you find exciting about football.

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I am a fan of the NFL more because of the quality of players. But for a more exciting game generally the CFL can provide that. I have a problem though when teams can go 8-8 and make playoffs. I thought the BC-Sask game was more exciting than the Grey Cup personally.

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my theory is why the hell choose?...i mean im not a devoted football fan (though my brother is) so i watch football quite a bit...and i catch most of the BC games and a few extras and have the TV essentialy locked on the NFL on sunday and monday nights.... and seriously the NFL players are at such a higher level then the cannadian...its really a shame


i would also like to point out that i am suspicious that my brother has a man-crush on Paton (sp?) Manning, the QB of the Indianapolis Colts....

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