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My Old High School Had A Commercial Filmed In It..

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A new "Nintendo" commercial was filmed at my old high school. I think it's for the "Metroid Prime 2" game... it's the one where the girl is walking around the hall before she ends up in one of the cafeterias...

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I can't go anywhere without seeing a film shoot. One day this year, I didn't have class, because they rented out the whole school to be filmed at. Another time, I was going to the library to study before class, and the library was closed for filming. I've only been going there for 3 months and I've seen 8 shoots going on there. I find it quite a pain in the ass.

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lol...who walks when they have a choice?


my elemntary school is adjacent to an older highschool which was put out of commision prior to my birth....however that school has often been a set...october sky was filmed in part there (i have seen that movie far too many times)...they also filmed a lot of XFiles there (my class was allowed to go and watch the filming)...my house is also near the old crane toilets warehouse which is now occaisonally used as a filme studio/warehouse deally....and one movie shot 7 or 8 years ago involed a good deal of pyrotechnics...and a car being blown apart on north road (a street very close to my home)....cool stuff

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