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Best Sci-fi TV Series

What Sci-fci TV series is the best ever?  

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  1. 1. What Sci-fci TV series is the best ever?

    • Star Gate SG-1(or atlantis)
    • Star Trek(any one of them)
    • Babylon 5
    • X-Files
    • Farscape
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Dr. Who
    • Outer Limits
    • Firefly
    • Other(specify)

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I love SG1 and atlantis which are the best shows currently on TV, but Babylon 5 is in my oppinion the best science fiction to ever hit TV.


I didn't include everything as my memory is only so good, if there is something you absolutely love just click other and post what it is.


Note: I didnt include miniseries such as the wonderful Dune(above and beyond the best scifi ever writen, actually one of the best books of any kind writen) series done by sci fi as things of this nature are more like movies to me.


Another note just to make sure everyone realises that regardless of your likes in books Dune should be required reading as it is a great story ,very politically relivant and thought provoking.

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Of those mentioned which I have seen enough of to judge, I'd say Babylon 5...though SG1 has been good from what I've seen, and Farscape had its moments once you got over the muppets.


Some guy in my house is outraged that Red Dwarf is not on the list.

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yeah i remember sliders, i forgot to put in on though sorry.


And come to think of it i suppose it would go better in the tv forum but i rarely look around that one and forgot about it :angry:




edit: thanks for moving the post anton ;) (assuming it was you)

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i nulled my vote... star trek DS9 was genious and farscape was awesome....im aware of the muppets...but the fact all the aliens didnt look human helped....


before i get destroyed i havent watched enough SG1 to make a judgement....though the pyramid space ships make me sad...


and though firefly wasnt terffically ingenious or anything it was fun to watch...i am saddned it is over


and shouldnt dark angel be on there as it was good and sci-fi?

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Stargate wins alot of points, because of wide variety of very, very nice small arms used by the cast. MP5s, P90s, M16s, G3s, M249s, even a CQB M4 with a beta C-mag. Sweet.


I have also noticed a disturbing trend - at least four or five sci-fi movies and series have used paintball masks for their evil stormtroopers, and several have also used paintguns as tranquiliser dart guns.

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