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S.E. Hardy

Harry Potter 3

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Well, it is a kid's movie after all but I eat up all the interviews and stuff too. It was funny b/c the day we bought it, we just watched the features b/c my bf's friend hadn't seen it yet so he came over a few days later and we watched it all. Its definitely my favourite of the three movies and I HATED Emma Watson as Hermione in the first two but now she is my hero!

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No it's not me. I'm a college kid. I can't afford a website. Hell, I look for the cheapest kind of candy bar in the store when I have a craving, and decide not to get it anyways because it's over my budget. I work 2 hours a week at the campus dining hall for christ sake.


There. It's definitely not me.

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Anton, you do know she punches him in the face after, don't you? I will never back you up with your Hermione obsession. It bothers me far too much.


The best part of the movie? The very end with that horrible shot of Harry's open mouth. Excellent.

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