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Who is the Greatest Band today?  

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  1. 1. Who is the Greatest Band today?

    • Coldplay
    • Radiohead
    • U2
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • White Stripes
    • Oasis
    • Strokes
    • other (please specify notimation in comment forum)

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Most of these choices are kind of lousy, the following I don't think should even have been considered:



White Stripes




And Radiohead is mediocre.


U2 is pretty good, I'm not really feeling this latest album.


Red Hot Chili Peppers would be the best choice of these.

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Ya, alot of these bands arent really desrving of the term "rock". ever heard Kid A or Amnesiac by radiohead? and RHCP's are funk/punk by nature.


with that I would say that its kinda har to choose one in particlar, but some good choices are Foo Fighters, Matthew Good, or Weezer.


Like I said, hard to choose.

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out of you list, U2 is the obvious choice.


they are the only one with a new album, and a soon to be sold out world tour.


Radiohead are taking about 4 years off I hear, so they have passed the crown for the time being.


White Stripes are currently hard at work in their mad lab on a new album


Coldplay are also recording a new album at the moment. But they could go either way. If they just re-record Rush Of Blood.. they are just hacks, in my mind. But, if they do something new or remotely eexciting, they could easly take the crown


Oasis, also at work on a new album with Ringos son on drums, and the lead singer of Ride playing guitar, which gives me a boner just thinking about it. I hope they record something worth while. I know Noel has it in him


RHCP are a joke live, and recorded, and are therefore, disqualified


I dont know why the Strokes are on your list.


as for other bands that u should have listed.


The Pixies


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Why the hell wasn't Panic Button on this list? I refuse to vote until a new poll with Panic Button included is created.























I'm kidding. I voted Radiohead.

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I'm confused!?!? What is with this list?

Oasis: What have they done lately?

Radiohead: Refer to Oasis

RHCP: I love em but they haven't had an album out in 2 1/2 years!

Coldplay: Maybe if this was 2002 or 2003

White Stripes: What are they doing right now?

Strokes: Is this 2001?

U2: The only legitimate answer on there


My pick: ????? As far as buzz and popularity right now... maybe Franz Ferdinand?

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U2 is by far the best right now. They are still in their prime right now and going strong. I saw them in Montreal on their last tour and it was incredible.


RHCP is a very cool band but not quite U2. Metallica's last album sucked and their prime ran out over 10 years ago. Matt Good isn't really a band but he's up there. The Beastie Boys aren't a classic rock band, more rap/punk/rock, but at least they can all play their own instruments (guitars and drums etc.) so they're on my list, plus their last album was pretty good.

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can't make up my mind... I like Coldplay, U2, Radiohead a lot... I don't know which one to decide for :-S


I know what i wouldnt choose: Oasis... i dont like them AT ALL

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I know what i wouldnt choose: Oasis... i dont like them AT ALL

Just curious: you don't like them because of their music or attitude? I actually love 'em. However, I know a lot of people who dislike them because of their arrogance. However, Noel Gallagher on an acoustic is a beautiful thing. Sorta like Matt, but obviously less serious lyrics...

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