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Life After Matt Good

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to be honest i'm not sure what i'd do if matt stopped making music. i'd probably fall apart (temporarily). his music means so much to be i can't imagine him not releasing new stuff. i guess i would always have the old stuff to listen to, but it wouldnt be the same knowing there was nothing new coming. i dont like this thought at all...i don't think he's leaving music though. i think we can all anticipate a break of maybe even a few years, considering that he has been touring non-stop for the past 2 years and he has expressed the want to do some humanitarian work.

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If Matt Disapears tommorrow:


I have 170+ song of his tolisten to, his maifestos, blogs and other arts would contiune. I would be thankfull that matt has introduced me to such artists as:



Liblifter (I kninda forgot about them)

Auf de Maur (Live= bad Record=good)

The Dears


just to name a few. plus with the colaberative minds of our 543and growing members we will live on and find a new politcal revolutionist/ humanitaritan.

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I would just die inside. There would be no reason to go on living.























Except for that cute lesbian who has a crush on me. And rock. Someone needs to save rock. And I want to be the first person to save rock with two different bands.

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He'd probably take up his next biggest things, protesting of war, Amnesty, ect.

I can't see him not coming back though to music and or art.

Matt's whole website is his artistic project, I think. Who knows, but hopefully he'll keep us up to date on his journeys.


He's going to do something really spontaneous and lots of people will be flabbergasted.

That's just my interpretation.

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TO be honest, when the day comes, I'll be sad. I remember when I saw in the Winnipeg Free Press that MGB broke up, I almost shit, but then after awhile, I got past it... then I found out he was making more music and I almost orgasmed (matt causes me to lose control over certain bodily functions from time to time.)

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If he stops making music forever, than of course I'd be upset. But im not going to be like a few here with there "i dont know if i could live the rest of my life" attitudes. Get over it, he would obviously be making the choice for himself, so, be happy for him. You know there are plenty of other bands out there you could go worship your life around too. I'm sure Matt could even list a few for you.

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I would go through a number of stages.....


starting with:


1. Denial

2. Acceptance

3. Anger

4. Anger

5. Anger

6. Anger

7. Anger



then I would roll into one of those stages where you feel like killing ppl, also known as anger.



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