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Tv Has Gone To Hell

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lesser so movies, but basically yes.

the better movies are more independant films. they usually involve less sex.

i think sex is the fall of man.

the only tv i watch its sometimes csi, law and order and jeopardy, and i try to watch joan of arcadia.

those don't have much sex in them...

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yeah i agree. i normally dont watch tv because it has gottne so dumb. the shows are all reality shows now :angry: :angry: ;) adn its very boring. and ur right all of that damn sex. i think its degrating to woman b/c they dont show anyhitng on the man but they can show everything on the woman. that makes me angery.

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Actually, I was watching a George Carlin special last night and laughing. He was talking about words that you can't say on TV and "fart" were one of them, so was "ass" and "bitch" unless you are talking about the animals. Man TV has come a long way.

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What the hell is the OC?? everyone talks about it, but i've never even seen an ad or what channel it's on!!


The only thing i watch anymore is Family Guy, and i have it on DVD, fuck paying $40 a month for brain rotting cable!!


But rejoice children, Family Guy season four is only a few months away!!!

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The OC is a TV series that women watch. It's totally the worst thing ever. Don't pursue this interest or you will be disappointed. And yea, TV has gone to hell. Today I was eating in my campus dining hall and on the televisions, they were showing Carmen Electra hosting a show on MTV about fasion featuring Ashanti and her footwear. Blah. I almost wanted to throw up.

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