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Dave Genn

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So, last night 54-40 had a show here in Prince George and who was their lead guitarist? None other than Dave Genn!! I'll be honest with you... i was pleasantly surprised! It was nice to hear him blast out a few cool solos and remind me of the good ol' days of MGB concerts! He is a full time member now too because they introduced him and said that they were going into the studio next week. I was hoping to run into him after the show to chat w/ him, but it didn't happen... oh well. It was still cool just to see him on stage!! By the way... the show kicked ass!

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wow thats so awesome!! i heard rumours a while ago that he has been touring with 54-40, but i didnt know that he was an actual member of the band. anyone know whats up with ian browne??

He's in a new band (cant remember the name right now) with fellow MGer, Christian.

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Matt Posted on Nov 28 2004, 01:42 AM

  Actually the new band Ian Browne is in is called "Family Man".

do you know when they will be releasing an album?

I haven't heard anything about that....



Is there a FM site or anything?


Not that I have seen or heard of...

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yo, who is 54-40 again... I seem to remember that name.. I think I've heard a couple of there songs.. they had some singles out like 4-5 years ago or something.... somebody remind me plz.

54:40's been around WAY longer than 4 or 5 years. More like 20.

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