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click for trailer


Just got back from seeing it. I really liked the trailer, so I saw it in spite of the reviews. I think I liked it. It kept my attention for all of it's 3 hours (I didn't check my watch once). Colin Farrell is offically a movie star in this film; he has quite a presence on screen.


Anyone else seen it?

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i watched it...i checked my watch 5 times and showed the person next to me three times what time it was when asked....dont get me wrong, parts of it were really well done and good....but other parts were boring or just strange...and no, when i say strange i dont refer to the homoeroticism...The biggest falw to me though was the accent thing...i mean alexander the great sounded like an angry irishman and i dont know what angelina was trying to sound like...


Honestly, i was dissapointed....it was a decent film but i am not excited about it and not sure if i would ever watch it again. Which is really dissapointing because i have a great enthusiasm for ancient and medieval civilization and period films in general...my favourite movie is gladiator and troy was very enjoyable to watch...but this movie just fell short of what i hoped for...i mean if they halved the length and spent less time focusing on the travelling and other less essential details it would be fun to watch....but it just dragged on too long. I enjoyed the childhood part of the film and the events leading up to the battle for babylon (which was terrifically done in my opinion)....and the recreation of babylon was spectacular as well as egyptian alexandria...however the film skipped alexander's greek campaigns and egyptian campaigns entirely to focus more on the mans very weird love life...i just find that dissapointing...maybe i just went in expecting too much

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Luckily, I went in expecting an Oliver Stone film, meaning that you can't know what to expect, which is what I came out with. I don't feel like I wasted 3 hours of my life, but I don't think I'd spend 3 more of it on seeing 'Alexander' again.


Also, the *wonderful* trailer (which I hadn't seen) for Sydney Pollacks new film 'The Interpreter' was before it ;)

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I saw them in concert once. His guitar strap broke and he bent over. Yum.

I saw the concert when they opened up for "Incubus" in Vancouver... And Jared Leto's guitar strap broke... but I'm guessing that's the concert you're refferring too.


He's from TSTM? Wow.

Yes, he's the lead singer, and one of the guitarists...



I saw the movie today, and it was alright, but it got boring at some points...

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i dunno there was a glimmer of unboringness during the first large scale battle scene....it was well done and actually mentioned tactics a bit...which i enjoyed being the dork i am

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