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Matt's Latest Blog - "halifax Incident" ?

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From his BLOG:


I removed the last entry. It should be available to everyone sometime tomorrow. The same post contained a comment about an incident that took place at my last show in Halifax. You might know it as…


”The Halifax Incident”


The woman involved in the incident e-mailed me repeatedly afterwards attempting to pass off a version of events that was far more fantasy than reality. If anyone’s really interested in listening to exactly what I said while on stage, numerous fan sites host bootlegs of many live shows (I’m sure someone in the comments will drop a URL). I’m sure there’s one out there that captured the whole thing. That said, the level of my so called “ irrational belligerence” can be determined from it.


The woman was filming the performance, I would later learn, for use in a documentary film. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you’re going to film a performer for use in any film, you get their permission first. It’s common courtesy. As for what happened after the show, I wasn’t there and thus cannot comment. My tour manager, Louisa Keys, relayed the details of the entire debacle to me afterwards.


One thing I take extreme offense to is the spreading or absolute falsehoods regarding “girls loitering around trailer’s”, especially when I don’t have a trailer and my wife and I were on the tour bus that night watching a movie (after I spent some time signing things for fans at the bus door, which I do after every show). Lies of this nature speak volumes about both the mental state and the motivation of those that would invent such things.





anyone know?

curious what URL would explain this...

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that would be fantabulous.

if u could get the mp3 i mean.


thanks for answering my query so promptyly crusader! youre good at what you do


dunno where i was during the first week of november tho, when this was first discussed.


thanks again

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