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My Mom Doesn't Understand Why People Hate Bush

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well let's see....

-His administration's foreign policy of unilateralism has made the world a more dangerous place

-His administration is contributing to the wrecking of the environment

-He's caused the worst defecit in U.S. history, which means the

Canadian dollar's up in value, which is bad for Canadian companies that do business in the U.S.

-Bush is gonna try and get Canada to join the missile defense shield, a supremely stupid idea, a worry especially considering

what a pushover Martin seems towards him

-I can't stand his smirk, and the way he acts like he's just a "good old country boy" when he actually grew up in a rich family and had everything handed to him

-His administration has manipulated the American people and caused a rise in the States of anti-Canadian, anti-Europe, anti-world sentiment

-He and his administration are war criminals

-He's taken away rights and freedoms of Americans

-He and his administration are war profiteers

-I worry about what he'll do next


I had a much longer list before the power went out briefly and I lost everything I said. I put down everything I remember.

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-After clinton left office and 9/11 the worlds opnion of the americans was the best its ever been and they could've used that to do something constructive, instead he's pissed it away and now the worlds opnion of the americans is the worst its ever been

-He's a little too bible thummper for me, and Herbert wrote "when religion and politics ride in the same cart, the whirlwind is sure to follow"

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