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i'd like to hear what people think of his music.. NOT HIM AS A PERSON..


i think some of his music isn't worth burning. the rest disgusts me. like the world isn't sick enough, you have to hear about drugs and violence and sex in his music. thank-goodness i have the right to not listen to his music. i don't mind when he expresses his affection for his daughter, i bet hes a great father, but when he sings about beating his wife and how she's a whore, i can't take it. you don't hear matt singing about what a-holes have cheesed him off. i mean, we all know how much he hates shruby, and all we hear in his music is that line in nafl. any of his other music that he write about disliking people (in love with a bad idea, anti-pop) he makes it open ended and makes the lyrics poetry, not just words strung together.


anton, you need to make a spell checker for this thingy..

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I can't stand his music. For the most part (except Mosh apparently) he has no realy lyrical content. All his beats and songs are just the same old shit over and over. I will admit, he does have some tallent when it comes to rapping, but he is nothing compared to rap pioneers like Easy E or even the Beastie Boys.

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yeah, rap disgusts me. when i say rap, i mean mainstream. sure, he has some respectable songs, but that doesn't excuse him. you can't contradict yourself and expect me to respect you at all.


if you want to hear some good rap... listen to sage francis. or dead celebrity status.


i dunno... rap is an acquired taste.


mind you, with me, everything is an acquired taste.


now go listen to some music.


(current tune-> Against Me! - Unsubstantiated Rumors Are Good Enough For Me (To Base My Life Upon)

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