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that was prolly Matt, I wouldn't imagine that someone would impersonate him for the sole reason of reminding us that his freehand work was lost.


Anyways, I didn't have any saved... so I'm of no help.


hehe, sorry.

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That is the most trumped up bullshit you have ever posted Scot.


If you don't like the way Anton and the staff run this board then leave. Better yet, why don't you discuss your concerns with them. If you have a better way of doing things, then I'm sure that the staff would be happy to hear about it.


If you actually want to see changes, then you should approach the matter in a more effective way. Anton pays for the hosting, and the bandwidth that we each use. He is also the guy that spends the time writing the site.


Your not going to see any results from being an ass.



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