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Hi guys... I'm trying to find - since I can't see him live - a Matt's concert online that I can downlod... does anyone know if there is any concert available online? does anyone have one? i have never heard him live and I dont know how he sounds live...

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Matts concerts are just amazing.. i remember last year, my ex and i took a 3 hour drive up to see him, the concert was outdoors he sounds amazing... i also remember him getting off stage and walking into the middle of the road while cars passed by him and he was playing avalanche.. it was just amazing...

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Hi buddy, thanx for the link but i dont really know how to use it or download a Matt's concert... would u mind explaining it to me?

Here's a FAQ which I posted on another board.

Important words are in bold. Hope this helps ;)


Q: What's Bittorrent and how do I use it?


A: Bittorrent is a new breakthrough in P2P file sharing. Basically, you browse tracker sites which host the torrent file and gives the number of seeds and leechers. A seed is someone uploading files, and a leecher is someone downloading them. First, you download a client which handles the downloading of the files hashed by the torrent and tracker. The tracker tells the client where to leech the files from, and where to seed the files to... Right click to save the torrent from the tracker, and open it in your client which will do the rest for you after you choose a place for the files to save to. Once you're done leeching, you leave the torrent open in your client to seed them to others, so they can successfully keep the torrent alive.


Bittorrent example

  • Download and install the ABC Client
  • Visit the MG Tracker
  • Right click to save a torrent
  • Open it in ABC
  • Choose a location for the files to save
  • Let it download
  • Leave it seeding when it's complete

Q: What's a Direct Connect Hub, and how do I use it?


A: Direct connect hubs are another new breakthrough in P2P fle sharing, but works much differently than Bittorrent. You start by downloading a client (DC++ is the best one to use), then you configure it, and you connect to the hub address by clicking on the 'public hubs' icon in the toolbar. Enter the hub address where it says 'manual connect address'. You can also add it as a favourite, and set it to automatically connect everytime the client is opened. Once you connect to the hub, double click someone's name to view their shared files. Choose a file or folder you wish to download, and double-click it to send it to your default downloads folder, or you may right-click and choose a different location.


Direct Connect Hub example

  • Download and install the DC++ Client
  • Configure downloads, uploads, IP settings
  • Connect to the hub address [ MG Hub ]
  • Double click someones username for a file list
  • Double click a file or folder to download it

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tahts the problem....kazaa is easier to use, but even easier to corrupt your computer. Viruses, pop-ups, adverstisements, etc. are all fed through Kazaa, and kazaa is full of a lot of false files, corrupted tracks. Plus everyones usage rankings and download speeds are so different that it is in fact a pain. Plus fidning someone with a demo or live MG song is much ahrder then finidng one of his singles. I think the hub idea is great and i'm gonna try it soon.

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thanx bloodflame for all that info... I hope I am able to use the program! I'm dying to be able to hear one Matt's concert - hearing him live is one of my dreams, I hope I can make it real one day... -


And yes, Kazaa may seem easier to use and all that.... but it is true what mgb7m3 says: it may corrupt your computer, you may get many viruses, pop-ups, and all that... in any case, I used Kazaa to look for some live materials and I couldnt find a single song of Matt live :-(


hope i can get it with that hub program... thanx again for your help


regards from Madrid, Spain



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actually I have been able to use that program Bloodflame suggested... and it's just great :-) I'm downloading complete concerts from Matt... I'm so excited to finally be able to hear him live...


thanx A LOT again for all your help

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One of the reasons that I like Matt so much is because Live he sounds almost better than on the albums. His voice is just intense. That is a big deal for me; If I see someone live and they don't seem to care much and they don't sound like they're trying... it's not as worth it. When Matt's up there You can feel the musical passion. That to me is awesome.

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exactly :-) that's the only thing I had left before saying that I like Matt 100%... I havent gone to any of his concerts - living in Madrid, Spain, makes it a bit difficult ;-) - but I have been able to listen to all those bootlegs people are posting on the DC Hub... and i cant say anything but that Matt is great, that I love him, that I love his voice, I love his lyrics and I love his music :-)


thanx Matt for existing

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