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I rented it and saw it earlier today, it was an interesting movie. My impression is that this movie wasn't terribly popular when it first came out (in 1998), which is kind of a shame. It basically deals with a high school kid who finds a Nazi war criminal living in the same city. The kid becomes obsessed with the old man and spends months at his house listening to his distrubing stories and asking various questions. It becomes clear that the old man is un-repentent of his crimes against humanity and is still a sick and disturbed individual. But eventually the kid's darkest secret falls into the hands of the old Nazi, so each "partner" holds at his disposal the potential ruin of the other. A psychologically powerfully movie, I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind some langauge and violent/disturbing imagery.

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I've only read the Stephen King novella.  It wasn't bad. 


The Shawshank Redemption remains the best King film adaptation, however.

they did an awesome job on the shawshank redemption,

but i think stand by me was an even better adaptation..

it was almost word for word with the novella


i didnt really like apt pupil when i read it, but

for some reason i decided to see the movie anyway.. and i didnt really like it, either

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