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Oooh Burn.

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Here again, after more or less blowing Coldplay off the stage last year, "like Metallica opening for Sigur Ros," one of the band members quipped at the time - the Music plays Wednesday at the Starlite Room. The original, larger venue of Red's was gassed due to "logistical difficulties," which is a nifty new way of saying "not enough tickets sold." It's a shame, really. I'd take the Music over, oh, I don't know, the Matthew Good Band any day. Maybe it's just because they're British and we don't get enough of their delightfully exotic rock often enough live.



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I mostly meant revenge in his own mind, just him saying. "That's right, I just bad mouthed a man that completely shut me down in my article that no one's going to read." It would mostly make him feel better, although we all know he's crazy.

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