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Vatican: Condoms Don't Stop Aids

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"The Catholic Church is telling people in countries stricken by Aids not to use condoms because they have tiny holes in them through which HIV can pass - potentially exposing thousands of people to risk.

The church is making the claims across four continents despite a widespread scientific consensus that condoms are impermeable to HIV."


"The organisation says "consistent and correct" condom use reduces the risk of HIV infection by 90%. There may be breakage or slippage of condoms - but not, the WHO says, holes through which the virus can pass."

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Any use of birth control is strictly against the Catholic religion. Not that it gives the pope the right to blatantly lie (or is this the English translation of something said in Italian that maybe the translation is a bit wrong??) Anyway, I would like to know what he thinks people can do. I guess his answer would be abstinence but what about those that are married yet maybe one is HIV positive, are they not allowed to have sex then either? Bah, just doesn't make sense to me.

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At the risk of offending religous people, I want to throw poop at the pope. Hmm, Condoms have holes eh? And people usually don't get pregnant when they use condoms why???

Yes they have holes, all things have holes, teeth, bones, and yes condoms, however they are microscopic obviously, however smaller than cells, therefore sperm cannot pass through. However, viruses are smaller than cells typically, therefore I guess their claim is that the holes are larger than the HIV virus, but I'm too lazy and too late for class to read the article

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However, viruses are smaller than cells typically, therefore I guess their claim is that the holes are larger than the HIV virus, but I'm too lazy and too late for class to read the article


Yes, that is their claim but the WHO says that they can't go through. I would think that AIDS would be an even larger problem if condoms didn't work since I don't see how it could stop it for some but not others.

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Religion scares me. Its things like this that make me glad i was never confermed catholic.

I think that Religion can be a great thing for the individual. However to quote Matt "close only counts in horse shoes, handgrenads, and oranized religion"

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I guess they're not TOTALLY lying, condoms don't protect 100% but in the majority of cases they do.

And advising these people not to use condoms is just stupid...if not for protection against STD's, then at least for birth control.

I'm not anti-Catholic or anything, if that's what you believe then fine. But when I see them saying these kind of things, I just get really pissed off. This is not a statement made in fact, but rather its trying to put a face on an opinion/hidden agenda.

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catholicism is like the black sheep of christianity.


yeah, self righteousness never was the point of the religion. i hate how we (humans) corrupt everything.


ironic how the institution designed to bring us to god is also the most hypocritically crippled.


not like i hate christianity. in fact, i sorta am one...


i'm kinda undecided. i believe in god. i believe in jesus. this world just seems really depressing sometimes.


i'm kinda weak faithed. i think i need to get away from my parents and see where i sit on that issue. it hasn't been my religion, really.


but that's my problem.


anyways, about the condoms...


that's just disgusting. why would they do such a thing?


here's my take on christianity. it's based on loving people for who they are. that's what jesus did.


accepting people for who they are, not who you want them to be. loving them. that's love. selfless and constant.


jesus ate with those considered despised. the 'tax collectors and the sinners.' those considered the scum of the scum.


the church is killing itself. self righteousness is a fallacy. what happened to love? and humanity?


i support gay marriage. i support a lot of things that the church might condemn me for. but the way i see it, we all have to live here. respect others differences. i respect others. i love people for who they are, not who i want them to be. accept them. care for them. LOVE THEM. we're all each other's got.


help them. don't condemn. if you disagree, say so, but don't lie, first of all. then help. show compassion.


as it says in the bible, we love because He loved us first.

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The Pope is the most anti-life figure on the planet, although for different reasons than you state above. His only accomplishment is assisting in the waning of Communism in Eastern Europe. Other than that, the Catholic Church does nothing to advance life in this world, which is the only world that counts.

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In the Amnesty International club at my school, one of the girls has a sticker on her agenda which has a picture of the Pope with the caption, "Official Sponsor of Aids". I think I'd like a copy of that sticker.


I go to a Catholic school, by the way.

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religion is often a self deceptive way of shrouding your own intolerance with some over exalted version of 'righteousness.'


sad, isn't it?

A lot of times, I see it like that - well, organized religion anyways, for the most part, not so much the individuals.

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