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Anybody Have A "matt Good Is A Real Asshole" Shirt

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i've got one i bought at the concert at aj's hangar in july/2000 in kingston (my first concert), but i've worn it to pieces and would never part with it - sorry... :angry: the letters are starting to do that annoying fissuring thing they do. pisses me of, but meh - how it is with aging worn t-shirts.


sorry to post such a disappointing reply - i guess acting a bit as confirmation, for Bladeso, that it was an actual shirt sold by merchandising at the concert. i was so excited and donned the shirt immediately, much to my current boyfriend's dismay. good memories... ;)


again, my apologies, and good luck Tim...

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My brother made one in his high school screen printing lab. I used to make them as well. Check out the local high schools in your area and see if any have screen printing equipment. I used to make t-shirts for $5, which is a hell of a lot better than paying for a professional job, and if you get a senior student to take the task, you'll get just as nice a final product.


I miss that lab...clothes were cheaper back then. lol

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