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What's Your Favorite "rare" Mg/mbg Song(s)?

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Basically any song that you can't find on a CD. So waz yer favez? Yes i know there's a lot, but try to narrow-down your VERY favorites.


I love:


The Ocean

Dancing Invisible

Comfortable Criminals



Can't Get Shot in the Back if you Don't Run



ok, there's a ton others i really like too, but i guess the above are my top faves.

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I like a bunch, but the one that sticks out, it "As Long as You're Mine". It's the first one I stumbled upon that introduced me to The History Teacher, and since then, it's been my favourite. It's so poetic, so well written. Matt's never done many love songs, but when he does, they're awsome.


Parable is a distant second. Great tune and sound to that song. "Take your whore lips and make me slowly in the image of your perfection". Awsome.

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I'm going to go with Pony Boy, Birds Don't Fly Straight, Push, The Ocean and Whispering in the Dark. But all of the stuff is amazing.


And why did Pony Boy not make it onto AoB? In my opinion it's better then a couple of other songs. Was it a technical reason, Matt simply didn't like it, there were already enough songs that sounded like it or what?

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