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S.E. Hardy

Titicut Follies

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One word: WOW. I don't know what it's avaliablilty is, as I saw it in class, but it was tryly eye-opening. I read online that: "The only American film banned from release for reasons other than obscenity or national security, Titicut Follies was filmed inside the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Bridgewater, a prison hospital for the criminally insane. After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sued the filmmakers, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the film constituted was an invasion of inmate privacy and ordered the withdrawal of the film from circulation."


Anybody else seen it?

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what a great documentary, i watched it last semester in my socio-cultural anthropology class.....on a side note...my dad actually used to work at that very same prison in bridgewater, MA for 25 years...he started working there as a corrections officer when he was only 19 only a few years after that movie was made....many of the people and inmates (including that creepy psychologist) were still there when he began working there...


hes now a physical therapist...quite a difference, i guess you need that after 25 years in a prison

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that creepy psychologist

to me, the best part of the whole movie is when the creepy psychologist is talking to one of the patients, and the patient askes where he's supposed to go to get help, and the creepy psycholigist says "well, here...I guess". To me that just summed it all up.

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