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Look into the magic ball...

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So matt, is the future x-rated?

In some cases yes, for your case i hope not :angry:


I can see your career to continue with the mellow / easy-going rhythm and the use of different instruments in songs will continue (ex. Symphony)

Your music will gear towards the lives of the unfortunate, in some cases about your thoughts of war, etc. To tell the truth.. it sounds like what your doing right now.... im gonna let someone else predict your career ;)


What i do know is that you have worked hard for your career.


What is this so called show? "AMERICAN IDOL"?

How does this work? I mean... some average people with little or no singing experience go in front of some judges and sing?

Sure some of them are pretty good singers. The winner gets some dealio, they have a career now ... blah blah blah

Where is all of the hard work when compared to matt? do they deserve the same or better outcome? NO! i dont think so.

What really makes me mad is this WILLIAM HUNG dude. Good laughs from his horrible singing, but this publicity gave him a record deal :angry: wth is with that?

Is this the future of singing careers? I SURE THE HELL hope not.

I also hope that these computer generated sounds from Britney Spears and others disappear. What happened to the natural voice for singing?


I just hope that the future of music does not stray to far away from what matt has done... i applaude his efforts and hope to see him succeed in the future.

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I remember reading on The Town Pump (which used to be on Die Popstar), that Blair Dobson was predicting that Matt will be dropped from his label due to the poor sales of Avalanche. Blair Dobson, of DSK, was relatively close with Matt, i think.

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Why should he try out for Canadian Idol? He already has a name for himself, and wouldn't need too.


Mind you, I've always wondered what would happen if someone like Matt...or another artist with a few albums under his belt tried out for an Idol show like that.


What would the judges say? Hehe, it would be great to watch.

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It has actually been a dream of mine to see matt go on american idol. Paula would ask him what song is would be singing and he would say, "oh this is one I wrote myself" then would proceed to begin avalanche.


Simon would become annoyed with the slow monotone type intro (one foot infront of the other...) and begin to make witty yet rude remarks about matts glasses or something. By this time Matt will have worked his way up to the chorus and metaphoricly speaking, "explode" into the "Ah-Ah-Ah-valanche...." part. All three judges stunned will sit back in awe, jaws open. The black guy (can't remember his name) might even take off his glasses and rub his eye.


Then after it was all over matt would smile and walk away. That would be so sweet...



As for matt retiring I doubt that will ever happen. He's the kinda guy who makes music because he loves to, not to make money or for the fame. He may slow down, have some kids and be sorta dormant for a while but I'm sure you can always count on him for a good song or two.

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Matt stopping....not for awhile. i actually told him (a couple weeks ago) to never stop making music, even when he's 80. he laughed and said "not for a long time, gotta pay the bills somehow". then he said he was going into the studio next month (which as we all know he is currently doing) i'm not sure about the whole label dropping him thing, but he should just start his own label. "Good Records" lol.



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poor will hung, hahah the commercial says he's "Well Hung" lmfao. dan I see your point, matt's a GOOD guy and I hope he makes it. well even more so.

She bangs! She bangs!


I remember last year at my old school, we were having mass, and this guy that... well, pretty much the whole school finds annoying was singing a solo at a school mass. He really can't sing. So as he was singing (to the dismay of the ears of the audience), someone shouted out "She bangs!" from the back of the church. Best day ever.

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