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I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier. I was at the last show of the In Between Evolution tour in Halifax last Sunday. It was fantastic. They did three encores. 24 songs total.


Setlist - Metro Centre, Halifax, NS Dec. 5, 2004


Vaccination Scar

Fully, Completely

My Music @ Work

Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park


Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Summer's Killing Us


As Makeshift As We Are

Gift Shop

Ahead By A Century

It Can't Be Nashville Every Night

At The Hundredth Meridian

Are We Family


New Orleans Is Sinking


1st Encore:

Heaven Is A Better Place Today

Long Time Running

Little Bones


2nd Encore:

You're Everywhere

Boots Or Hearts

Blow At High Dough


3rd Encore:

Grace, Too

Nautical Disaster

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I was at that show. I had free tickets, otherwise I wouldn't have gone. Great seat as well. The performance was good, but the security was fucking terrible. I almost slapped this one guy who manhandled me because I was in the wrong seat. Christ.


Whereabouts were you seated?

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The hip are among one of the best live shows in Canada.

i saw them in Sudbury Ont., this summer, and at edgefest last summer. I say they are one of the best live, but after an our lady peace concert (edgefest) anything else is great.

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The Hip are one of the best live bands I've ever seen. As good as AC/DC, and Better than the Stones. At least, better than they were in toronto. Gordie is absolutely captivating. He's gotta be in his 40's, he looks it, but he's still energetic and givin'er every night.

I think if you check the site, and look at the Halifax setlist, you'll agree that we got mad lucky. They played everything I had hoped for, including Boots or Hearts, Locked in the Trunk of a Car, and Nautical Disaster. Give it a look, it was Awesome.


edit- ha, did not even notice that the posting above is exactly what I was talking about.

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