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It was fun but way too easy....it was mostly beautiful midnight.


And why did they spell Deep Six with the number 6? ;)

All of the songs on there were off of the American version of Beautiful Midnight, which takes away I Miss New Wave, Let's Get It On, and Going All The Way and replaces them with Deep Six, Apparitions and Everything Is Automatic. As for why they spelled Deep Six with the number 6, my only guess would be because it's "cool" 2 spell things with numbers.

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"You are a music guru. We bow down before you"


Hmmm, it was only Beautiful Midnight. I got me 100%



Oh cool, i found a Thursday quiz!

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10/10. Too easy. Maybe we should make a tough one for ourselves.

EDIT: Never mind. I thought "Create Your Own Game" meant actually making one. Oh well.


I figured out how it works though. It uses the sample bits from Amazon.com to make the quiz. That explains why it's mainly the chorus bits, instead of parts that would actually be hard to pick out.

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