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Goodbye, Lenin!

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Rented this movie recently, it's a German movie, but there are of course subtitles. It takes place in the collapsing nation of East Germany, the family (family being the main theme of the movie) also seems to be on the verge of collapse. A single mother, (an ardent communist) is hospitalized after a heart attack, because her health is in such a weak state, her son and daughter must keep from her the shocking news that during her stay at the hospital, the Berlin Wall came down and that her beloved East Germany is more.


On the whole, it's a really good story; and in my case, in a way, something to identify with.


If you've not seen it, I recommend it.

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Lenin was the first to implement a communist government, he is as a result in a way symbolic of all communist governments. When East Germany was reunited with the West, it meant an end to communism in Germany...all the Lenin statues are taken down and removed and such, hence "Goodbye, Lenin!"

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