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Gas Station

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Metro: What was your first job, and what did you learn from it that you are still using today?


Good: I was a ski tech. I mounted bindings, I was 14. I took away from it that if Buffy and Brett want their skis for the weekend, they’ll give me a case of Canadian, at the age of 14, to get their skis on time in front of 500 other people. On Friday nights we would seriously have like 35 cases of beer lying around.


I always thought he was a petrol engineer first.

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Let's face it, the only reason you thought he worked at a gas station was because of Hello Time Bomb.


Admit it Crusader... you treacherous scum. lol. I always wanted to say that.... it has a ring to it..... treacherous scum.... yah I like that.

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does anyone find it weird that you have to give a case of beer to a 14yr old for service?????


Maybe this is a common happening which gives the story full creditablity




"Half of everything you read in the news paper is wrong. The other half is even more wrong" -Matthew Good

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Not really. Kids that age will do almost anything they can to get their hands on liquor(especially if its free). I'm from a small town where the legal drinking age is just a suggestion. But I used to referee rec hockey games when I was around that age, and usually after the game when you went to get paid they gave you 10 bucks and a couple beers. The thought of getting a few free beers was a way to get people out to ref these things that normally wouldn't otherwise.

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