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This take from from The Shit List on Seether's fan site www.seetherville.com. Written by the band



Simply enough, the illustrious singer of the pop band, TRAPT, makes us all sick to the very pit of our stomachs! The guy is a first rate example of who, and what, we hope to avoid association with, and is a constant reminder of how lame singers with infLAted egos are.


On the list because of numerous incidents, but most notably for the occassion where he sat on our bus and proceded to tell us that we could give him any song and he could make it a "hit". Because, "...that's what I do!" Dick.



Also, if anyone's interested, here's what they had to say about Good Charlotte.



The sickeningly sweet twin frontmen of the pop "punk" outfit, Good Charlotte. Mainly, we're just not fans of the band, nor any of the clones that are part of their movement. Everything about this band, and especially the brothers, is tainted with hypocrisy and we're fairly sure that between the two of them, their IQ's would not exceed the body temperature of an average llama. Don't believe us? Just read any of their lyrics - they'd make Sylvia Plath want to commit suicide again!

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To be honest, the only band I can think of that is still recording that I would list as "generic rock" would be The Tea Party.


Everything else has drifted into one of the many sub-categories of rock, from pop-rock, to whiny boy bands imitating punk rock (aka. Emo), to rap-rock, to hard rock, to metal; among several others.

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I agree with the whole generic aspect of Trapt, yes. but, i hate to admit that as i write this post i am wearing a Trapt shirt that i bought after their show (which, despite the lead singers inflated ego, was a pretty fun show)

and i own the cd. and, listen to it on occasions.

i am a music whore ;)

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