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Higher Ground And Mgb

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I was JUST watching Higher Ground.. for the first time ever really.. and there was a group of kids in the woods.. and this guy and girl get into an argument and its supposed to be sombre.. and during the scene.. Running For Home was playing.. for about 2.5 minutes! Not only that, but it was a slightly altered version.. the song sounded very echoey.. which made Matt's vocals even more haunting.


What a way to grab a new fan to the show.. im gonna be watching that show from now on lol.

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ironically, i have cable, and i never watch tv.


when i do, i watch law and order (the original!), or randomly funny shows, like spongebob and the simpsons and others.


but please, enlighten me as well... any show good enough to recognize the potential of Good music must have some qualities.


and yes, i'm a cynic where television is concerned. burn cnn and fox.

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