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Alexisonfire and the general trend of "suck"

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Anyone actually see Alexisonfire live? It's somewhat hard to avoid anyways these days.


Anyrate. George does most of the talking. Dallas doesn't do the frontman thing well. Plus, if one considers the City & Colour lyrics... Sweet jesus. If anyone's looking for the definition of banal, there it is. Don't get me wrong, Dallas has a great voice, and he's decent on guitar, but he couldn't keep anyone's attention during their live shows.


And there has been a shift in George's vocals. Mostly in terms of distortion on the mic.


Which generally makes sense. There were a few times on the first album I heard his voice crack and cringed. Not saying it sounded horrible, but simply that it sounded like bordering on permanent damage soon.


But yeah, there's a notable difference even in that between Crisis and Watch Out! - esp. in terms of intelligible lyrics.


So yep. That's my rant. I'm glad they're still noisy-ish, and I'm especially glad George annoys so many people, too.

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