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Just finished watching "Schindler's list"

Oskar Schindler (a Czech-born southern German industrialist) risked his life to save over 1,100 of his Jewish factory workers from the death camps in Nazi-occupied Poland. The movie explores the complex nature of virtue, the importance of individual human life, the role of witnesses to the Holocaust, and the attention to rules and details that sustained the Nazi system of terror.

Geeze, this movie will really open your eyes to the horrifying events during the holocaust. The movie is quite graphically violent, showing how heartless some German soldiers were towards the Jewish prisoners. The movie is shown in black and white (gives a very appropriate mood) yet some screen shots have a bit of colour to draw attention to one object (quite clever).

If you like a movie with a bit of history, some violent suspense, etc. you will enjoy this movie.


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Unfortunately, schindler did not shoot them at the end... the hilarious ending was deserted because the serious ending made the movie a bit more... serious. What can i say, it was a serious matter! Nazis caused a bit of trouble

Jews tried to save themselves from them.... hey... isnt that a lyric from a matt song ;)

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does it matter? It was a good movie why ruin it with Matt Good tie-ins


It was a very graphic movie, killing, blood, nudity (sick nasty nudity), and more killing

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the birth of andrew wong

let's not dabble in such shenanigans.


another good movie, in keeping with the nazi theme, is The Pianist. i thought it was going to be sort of boring, but it actually wasn't. adrian brody really deserved that oscar he got for it. needless to say, i was impressed.

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