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Since We Arent Opposed To Dling Rare Stuff

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Anyone with kazaa or anyother dling system want to help a major mgb fan out? I have a list of songs that I would like someone to dl or burn off their mgb cd and make a mix for me. Im not one of those people that doesnt buy the mgb cds I have them except lo-fi and underdogs *I had bought it originally but my mom sold it.. long story..* well if I gave someone a list of songs could they dl them for me and burn them to a cd and Ill pay shipping and send them however many cds it takes.. and maybe a couple more for fun and payment..I cant dl kazaa or access anyones mp3 site at school where they dont have dial up.. because they have us on lock down.. *private christian school*.

actually I wouldnt be opposed to someone sending them to my email and Ill burn them later.. but yeah. Id love you forever..


Im interested in...


yes all the demos..

I miss new wave

Lets Get it on

Going all the way *I have the us version of beautiful midnight so I dont have these...damn them..


enjoy the silence



and if you want to burn underdogs for me that would be nice.. since I HAD bought it before.. but I understand if you think thats a sucky Idea Ill just buy it later..


okay Id really appreciate any help here..pm me reply


email me [email protected]


Thanks guys and gals!!


<3 Cynthia

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i've got some too.


on a side note, i'd like demos too...


i have loser anthems and most of lo-fi b-sides.


i can buy all the lps, so don't bother with that. i have all of them except for aob. and i don't have the raygun ep yet. but i'll deal with that.


major thanks to those that can help out with any of the old demos.


note, i don't have underdogs on cd anymore either... i lost my discman, and it was inside. damn. but i do have it on the hard drive in mp3 format.


as for the private christian schools, i feel for you. i used to go to one...

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