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what should i call my new band?  

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  1. 1. what should i call my new band?

    • mumsy
    • the chills
    • the panic
    • other (please specify)

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If i were you, i'd go the old The Shaylene ODonnell Coronary Vaginal Rejuvination in the Pressence of Death route.


The Chills is too much like The Stills, whom i would reccomend to everyone, and Mumsy make me think of decaying flesh...


I think you should think up some more...

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i really want to get away from the emo acoustic guitar rock that panic button has come to mean over the last few years.


in truth i'm a little sick of it all.


as anton said i've been playing under the name panic button for almost four years.


it just feels like the end.


i really like the name mumsy, so we'll probably go with that.

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lol... well i dont ACTUALLY have jack daniels here besdie me in my room with my parents watching a movie one room over, but i mean, i like to go out with buds every once in a while, like every three months, and get totally hammered


but i will never do drugs or smoke


and no pre-marital sex


and im not a hypocrite


and im not a dork either, im just not stupid

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no, thats not it


it stems from a total and complete fear of my dad


lol kidding, though that is partly it, my dad is awesome


but i am catholic, so that plays a part, and i just dont want to get sucked into a meaningless physical relationship

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you don't have a speaking role in this thread.


edit: chan chan has offered to bring his awewsomeness to the table, as well one of his drug buddies has offered to play band, and he's "scouting" bassists.


so it is in fact a band.

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