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i don't know about you, but mine make NO SENSE whatsoever most of the time.


and when they do, they usually morph into something weird.


so share the weirdest dream you've ever had.


naturally, i expect we're going to get some 'erotic' dreams in here as well...


just put whatever the heck you want.


hmmm... craziest nightmare i ever had was...


i don't know if you guys have ever seen that crappy batman cartoon/movie they made. i don't know what it was called, but it came out when i was little. like six or something. anyways, it had this crazy phantasm chick, with this crazy scythe type thing.


the whole arch enemy, yet alter ego love thing happened, as they tend to in the superhero type things.


btw, i don't read comics. but the best batman comics i've seen are the dark knight series from back in the eighties. hardcore stuff. kinda like the punisher. anyways...


i had this really messed up dream which scared the crap out of me while it was happening. when i woke up, as with nightmares, you sit and shake, and when you're little, you curl up into a little ball and hate the dark.


keep in mind that i was six.


as my recollection of the dream goes...


we had this old gray chevy. one of those beater cars. anyways, for some reason, my parents took me to a carnival. it was great fun, lots of random games and cotton candy. i remember that our time there was drawing to a close and we had to leave. as with dreams, we went to the car, and for some random reason, that phantasm person came charging out of nowhere.


that's when your standard horror movie crap started happening.


car wouldn't open, people getting slaughtered, parents got killed, i was running, and the standard, wake up as you die thing.


the most frightening part... losing people i love.


yeah, that was random and probably sucked. but hey.


i also had one where i was mario and i played through all of super mario world. and i had to rescue the princess and all that.


dreams really don't make sense.


anyways, sound off.

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I rarely remember my dreams these days. However, the weirdest one I remember is being killed by god, then meeting him inside some kind of underwater facility. I don't believe in any deities, so it was somewhat odd. I think it was triggered by me thinking about religion and such before I actually fell asleep.

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id like you all to keep in mind that this topic was my idea in the first place


lol joel you stealer


im just kidding, i mean, i told you to do it anyway, and it doesnt really matter does it


i love the super mario dream... crazy enough, i had a super mario dream, but i was luigi, and i couldnt keep uip with mario... and then i sat down and cried


it was sad


most of my dreams these days are about Emma, which is awesome, cuz then i even get to see her when i sleep


anywho, ill tell you about them when my mom isnt reading the computer screen from over my shoulder


*yes mom i can see you there

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Alot of my dream are usually quite graphic. I have quite a bit of death dreams or being visited by the dead like my grandmother or grandfather.

Some of them have messages for other people. They just need to be figured out.

Usually messages are simple instead of complex.

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Ok the whole Emma thing is creeping me out.


Anyway, all my dreams are strange and last night was no different. It went as followed; I was playing a video game much like 'Age of Empires' when all of a sudden I was inside of my fort, building up defence for the advancing armies. Then I was in my house looking out my window as 9 nuclear missiles, launced in groups of 3 had struck my city. But these weren't destructive nukes like Hiroshima/Nagasaki/Tsar bomb, these were meant to purely poison the city. I remember that everytime the nukes impacted, I had the feeling of falling which was odd. After than my mom, sister and I ran outside to a weird doctors place where we were to get shots to stop the radiation poisoning. The needled was about 9 inches long and entered above the hand and went to the fore arm. When it was my turn for the needle the doctor said "it would be easier if your skin wasn't so cold' and I woke up.


My most re-occuring dream as a child was being chased by a moose in a forest, while I was trying to run to a cabin.

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lol, my oddest dream actually DIDNT involve Emma, so there

(but the good ones mostly do LOL)


my oddest dream is actually me playing soccer in a cup game, and i scored (thats not odd by the way, that normal lol). right when i scored, the ball started flaming out the top of it, the nets caught on fire, and all the sidelines caught on fire, effectively making us play in a ring of fire. also, at the same time, the lights started flashing like crazy, and "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2 came on really loud, but there were no speakers. also, some crazy steaker dude sprinted on the field and stole the ball, and then ran away. the second he got throught the ring of fire sideline, the field detached at the sidelines, and flew like 800 feet in to the air. we started playing again for some reasoon i dont know, and the ball kept going off the edge, and we had to wait for the ref ot go down the ladder and get it (yeah, for some reason there was a ladder)... and another thing, every 5 minutes or so, about 5 feet around the outside of the field would cave in, and players who werent paying attention just fell off. with like ten seconds left in the game, alll that was left on the field was like 5 square feet of centre circle, me, my friend james, the ref, and this guy from the other team. james knocked the other teams guy off the edge, but fell off himself, and then for some reason, the ref was gone as well... somehow the final whistle still blew, and then the rest of the field collapsed. i fell, and just before i hit the ground, i woke up



that dream seriously freaks the hell out of me, even when i am awake

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when i was younger, i used to have this reacuring dream of me falling down the stairs. except only kinda falling. you know the episode of the simpsons where smithers is in bed and then mr. burns comes through the window and is kinda floating? yeah like that, but down the stairs.

i've been having nightmares lately but i can't really remember them. i sleep like crap now.. blah.

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I have a falling dream at least once I week. It's always off a cliff.


I had a dream last night that some friends and I were living in an old house, and across the street lived a girl I know from dance class. The guy I was rooming with in the dream (yeah, I don't know) would always talk about time travel. A smutty scene later, the girl across the street is murdered and everyone accuses me of knowing about it and not stopping it.


Then I woke up. Hm.

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