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In Here By Mgb

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I was just wondering where the song "In Here" came from.. (album). Im not even sure if thats the real title of the song.. the chorus goes

"Bright lights big big city,

she is calling t'you like a whore from the (oval?)

me and old man we sit on our hands and we hear but we don't look,

In here wasting (dont know what he says),

In here eveyrbody sound the same,

In here i am just a colour (dont know again)


Yeh.. ive never been able to find the lyrics for this song, and its honestly been bugging the HELL out of me.. if anyone could clarify that'd be splendid.

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yeah, i have that song.. i'm just trying to remember what the name is, and where it's from...



Brand New Tune, from 15 Hours on a September Thursday. Good song, from a good album.


bright lights big big city

she is coming to you like a whore from the old book

me and my old man

we sit on our hands and we hear but we don't look

in here we're still waiting

in here everybody sounds the same

in here I am just a colour

black before your cover

baby I'll cut you like no other

and I will

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