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Another Deserted Island Thing

Alone on a deserted island, which MGB song do u pick to listen to for the rest of eternity?  

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  1. 1. Alone on a deserted island, which MGB song do u pick to listen to for the rest of eternity?

    • Hello Time Bomb
    • Load Me Up
    • Strange Days
    • Everything is Automatic
    • Apparitions
    • Prime Time Deliverance
    • Fearless
    • Tripoli
    • Carmelina
    • Weapon
    • While We Were Hunting Rabbits
    • Avalanche
    • Alert Status Red
    • Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
    • Empty Road
    • Other

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I picked Carmelina, but it would have to be the audio off of the video, so I could hear Rich tell his crapy joke over and over again.


"ok ok i got one, there's 2 termites and they walk into a bar.....and they say....Hey!? where's the bar tender"



Ahhh, good times.

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i picked Blue Skies Over Badlands, just because there is a lot of ambience and you could find something new every once in a while, and it's longer, so it's more varied than Carmalina, for example


to be honest, id rather just hear nature tho...

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Not to mention I don't understand how you could only be able to listen to one song.... unless the c.d. player is stuck on repeat or something... maybe that's it. Or maybe you burned yourself a c.d. with only one song.


And what's with the deserted island anyways.


Why couldn't the question just be....


"If you had to listen to only one MG song for the rest of your life, what one?"


Or does the atmosphere of a deserted island actually come into play with the selection of the song.... hmmm.


Wow, maybe I'm overanalyzing just a little.....


a little...

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