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stupidest concept EVER!


i'm not talking revolution. i'm talking the neverending, cyclical thing that so many kids nowadays seem to be proponents of. down with the government!


do you kids even know why you say such things?


no. anarchy is for morons. you cannot perpetuate a system that screws itself.


without government, you have nothing. no health care, no law, no order, pretty much everything's shot. maybe you people think that's a good thing. it's not...


check all the lawlessness and things that happen when there is a lack of law and order.


racism and intolerance rise up. the powerful and violent exploit the weak. crime rises, fatalities rise. all those things you conspiracy theorists conjure up about the feds actually happen when you leave things to the hands of those without compassion.


on an unrelated note, conspiracy theories are sometimes entertaining.


have you morons learned anything?


the symbol is copyrighted. is that not the biggest contradiction right there?


you just sold yourself out to the man. he made a nice chunk of change off your shirt by getting some underpaid, underaged workers in some sweatshop somewhere. not to mention he's laughing at his exploitation of your morals.


go read nothing nice to say.


hilarious punk comic.




the artist, mitch clem, is a pretty cool guy. he talks about hot topic and anarchy's idiocy and mass marketed image in one of his comics and rants.


he's a funny guy. with freaking amazing good taste in music.


heh. anybody say against me!?


plus, he's got a good sense of humor.


on that note...


i don't like anti-flag much.


in fact, when i find that link...


now, because i love against me!, and the song is rather tongue in cheek...


go listen to:


against me! - baby, i'm an anarchist!

against me! - those anarcho punks are mysterious


disclaimer: when i say you people, in this reference, i mean... those that support anarchy.


sorry for any misunderstandings.


and against me! is not anarchical.


and i hope i got everything i wanted to say in there.

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you know, anarchy would never work in our society, but if we weren't so obnoxious, and everyone wanted it, it would work


it's like communism, a good idea, but it needs everyone's support, and of course, that would never happen

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Technically, nothing really works. It all collapses sooner or later. As it stands now, the estabishment of an 'anarchistic society' in the modern world would likely just be conquered with ease by the nearest military power anyway, and you'd end up with a government again.


But yeah...it's as much a brand as anything else these days.

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true. where's that quote of matt's?


"It's no different than some kids re-enacting Full Metal Jacket in the hallways of their school in some white, suburban enclave. You're glued to your TV because you think 'Oh my god! How could this happen? Why did this happen? Whose fault is it?' wa, wa, fucking wa. 300 people get hacked to bits in their sleep in some village in North Africa and it gets a blurb in the newspaper. But when something happens in the quiet confines of our perfect little world then it's a sure-fire sign that chaos is about to break loose in the streets, and Satan is posessing the children. The only thing that it is a reflection of is our society's egomania. We figure we're so socially superior to everyone else that things of that nature should be uncommon. What we forget is that, like in every great society, the barbarians will one day be at our gates and we will slip quietly into the confines of some coffee-table book about ancient civilizations. And like those civilizations we were just as violenly prolific as we were creative, ingenious, and compassionate. Because it all comes in a neat little package that has yet to be altered during our tenure on this rock. Welcome to life in the blind man's utopia. Retain ticket stub for possible refund."


- Matthew Good

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there are always those who want it all to themselves - "it" being the world - therefore we can never have some utopian marxist or anarchist society. those societies need everyone onboard. and when one person tries a counter-revolution, others will follow. we will never have peace basically.

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Anarchy is the ideal social system, however, humans cannot function without some form of central authority. Anarchy doesn't necessarily mean chaos. The world is an anarchic system of countries, but it's very orderly. But we need some body that can facilitate colletive action, which is just a fact of human nature. Things like defense and justice are too difficult to administer without a coercive power.


This is why libertarianism is about as perfect an ideology as we can get. A government should exist, though with very limited power and responsibilities, primarily the protection of the people from violence and fraud. Humans are otherwise left alone by the government, to live their lives.

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