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So the 70's have what is now called "classic rock"

the 80's have "punk rock"

the 90's was a lot of "alternative rock"


what is the 2000's? something that relates bands like white stripes, strokes, vines, killers, franz ferdinand maybe?


these new bands all kinda sound dancy in a punk kinda way.


how bout "Dance Rock" ???

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i think everything's sorta melding together, like music always does... look at music. the artists that stand the test of time do not tend to limit themselves to a 'genre' or whatever. they draw on all their influences.


if i was to be a musician, i would have some crazy different stuff.


classical, light electronic/mixing, hard rock, mellow, classic rock, soft rock, punk, acoustic, and a whole bunch of other stuff.


why bother classifying it...


music is music.

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