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Anyone Up For A Mg Songs For Gmail Trade?

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I currently have 5 Gmail invites available. And I am looking for MG mp3's including rare, live, bsides.

Especially looking for history teacher, lo-fi, all the rare stuff. You can send them to my gmail account: [email protected]


I have LOTGA, Raygun, Underdogs, Beautiful midnight, AOB, Loser anthems, Avalanche, and WLRRR. Any other songs, I would REALLY appreciate.


Thanks so much!!


Merry Xmas

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Hey, Send what ever you are willing to send. I need it all.

If i could get all the history teacher stuff, that would be GREAT. But, as i posted. I need EVERYTHING rare. so, whatever you are generous enough to send my way will be rewarded with a Gmail account.


P.S. - of course if someone only sends one song, it will not be rewarded ;) (Still have five accounts left)


- Dave

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I've lowered my asking price of $20NF to $5NF per gmail invite. If your willing to take all 50 of my invites I could let those go for $2NF per invite (save $3NF!).


Limited to residents of North America.

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