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Does Anyone Have Some Nf$ To Spare?

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need any more?


i somehow went from a nothing to a nf fanatic this week. the benefits of having no life.


and lauren gave me money too, and it is christmas. if you need more, pm me.


you can have mine. i think i have all the songs off there. that's all i really wanted.


edit: actually, i don't have all the songs. i didn't realize there was more than one page...


i'm such a goof.

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So if you don't have the internet at your house... then how do you listen to the music that you are going to buy from the nf store after its downloaded from the computer that DOES have internet?


I'm just a tad bit confused/skeptical ;)


(and yes i have heard of burners, but i am still confused as to why you would use a burner for just a few songs from nf)

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yes, those Jump Drives are the coolest thing since... another really cool thing...


They're expenxive, but so powerful. 512 mb in a little rectangle, it's so nifty!!

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