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So here is what I did yesterday

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WEll, I woke up at 4:45 in the AM so that I could get to work (I work at Burger King for all of you who don't know) and I spent 3 hours there (from 6-9) unloading the delivery truck. then I had a break, had a few smokes... I was pretty bored at work, but I was excited because at 2, when I was off, Jocelyne (a good friend) was supposed to come pick me up. But she didn't, so I called home and my brother informed me that she had called the day before and she couldn't get me from work, but she'd be at my place around 4. So I headed home. She got to my house at 5 (are women EVER on time??? not being sexist, just wondering) and I was really tired, but I couldn't sleep, we had to drive all the way across the city. Why you ask? To go to the Summer Vortex 2004. this is a mini fair with rides and bands and stuff, usually nothing special. This year though, i would've crawled to get there. at 8:30 Matthew Good hit the stage. Now I'm not entirely sure of the order he played the songs in this hour and a half set, but I do know what songs he played so I'll just list them:



Put Out Your Lights

Poor Mans Grey

Empty Road

Alert Status Red

In Love With A Bad Idea

North American For Life

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands ;)

It's been Awhile Since I was Your Man




In A World Called... (Acoustic)


There was more but suddenly, I can't think...


I do know they played Hello Time Bomb, Apparations and Giant. Um... Load Me Up... I think thats it, I should write these things down.


Anyway, this was my 4th time seing Matt Good live and my question to all of you is, how many times have you seen him?

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That sounds awesome, was there a pretty big crowd?


I haven't been to any Matt Good Concerts, i am still a relatively new fan and havent had the opp. to go!

Ah well... one day i will see him.

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IT was amazing, i think you mightve missed the end of my first post because I accidentally submitted it before I was done and had to edit it to include the end. by the way, ther ewas an alright sized crowd for a concert that only cost $7.50.

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well, sounds like u had a great time! i havent seen Matthew Good live at all yet, but i am going tonighT!!! LOL ive prolly said that here like p432978234234 times already... ill post a review.

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well... I'm easy to please... i guess i will listen to one of the live concerts I downloaded from the Hub and pretend I'm there... *sigh* if only i could be there...


have all of you - who go to the concert - a lot of fun with Matt's songs...


P.S.: ... by the way, i didn't see in your list, hyphnip, "buffalo seven"... he doesn't play that song in his concerts?

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