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Short Near Fantastica

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i have three versions... original (radio edit is just shortened original, far as i can tell...)


and... the solo one. meaning, it has a crazy solo in it.


if i recall, i got it of houseofsmokeandmirrors.com


in other words, buy the enhanced avalanche cd and stick it in the drive.


or i could just be completely wrong. it's happened many a time before.

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I don't think I've heard the radio edit, but I love the acoustic version. The solo version is also great to listen to at times, the tone of it certainly more haunting, which isn't really a bad thing here.

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The only song I remember off of the HOSAM site was Comfortable Criminals, which I couldn't even get to play on my computer.


EDIT: Got them both, just needed real player for comfortable criminals.

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