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Napoleon Dynamite.

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Then don't watch it again.


And I'd say it's anything but predictable. Didn't you think something was going to happen at the beginning when he threw the action figure out the bus window? I sure did. But nothing happened. Totally unpredictable.

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I loved Napolean Dynamite for the reasons people seem to hate it so much. yes it was extremely quotable ("Hey Napolean, give me some of your Tots") and it had like half a plot, the charactors weren't really indepth ( I don't want to know what Kip does in his spare time...... I really don't want to know anything about Uncle Rico) And it was totally random. Like when Uncle Rico spirals a steak at Napolean's face when he's biking down the street. It was priceless! It just had that buzz to it. Not like word on the street-buzz but I went in expected something funny, I hadn't even seen a trailer, it had so many elements of comedy strung together in a random sequence. With really unexpected twists here and there. It's a shallow film. That's what I love about it, IT'S JUST FEEL-GOOD COMEDY ALL RIGHT!?!!?! Whoa, got a little dizzy just there...

Thank you for your time. ;)


Ninja Out

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